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Frequently asked


1) Do you have WIFI?

WIFI is available at the cottage. Upon arrival, the WIFI information will be provided to the renters.

2) Can I host a party or event at the property?
Parties, weddings, wedding receptions and large gatherings are not permitted.

3) How many people can stay at Crimson Cove?

Between the 4 bedrooms we have room for 9 guests. We cannot exceed the 9 guest capacity.

4) Can you swim in the basin located beside Crimson Cove?
At our cottage there is water access from two cottages down, suitable for paddle boarding or kayaking or wading. Water is roughly knee to waist deep up to

150 yards out. Bottom varies from sandy to soft with sporadic seaweed. For swimming, Thunder Cove beach is a 3 minute drive & Cabot Beach is a 15 minute drive.

5) Can you smoke or vape in the cottage?
Smoking or vaping is not permitted inside the cottage at any
time and cigarette butts must be disposed of safely (not thrown on the grass or in gardens). Failure to do so may result in a deduction to the security deposit.

6) Can we bring pets?
Pets are not permitted inside the cottage or on the property. Bringing a pet violates the rental agreement, and is grounds for termination of stay (with no credits or deposit return). Extra clean-up costs due to a pets’ presence would be deducted from the damage deposit.

7) Are there neighbours close by?

Crimson Cove is located in a small neighbourhood and therefore we do have neighbours. All property owners in our subdivision love the island and consider it their second home. We do ask renters to be respectful of neighbours and not make or permit any loud or improper noises, or otherwise disturb the peaceful occupancy of other residents.

8) Do you have high chairs, cribs, etc. for young children?

We do not offer any items such as baby gates, cribs, high chairs, etc. for young children. These items would be the responsibility of the renter.

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